Brighten Someone's Day with Flowers

Brighten Someone's Day with Flowers

21st Apr 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost everyone, right across the globe. Governments worldwide, have made it necessary/compulsory for people to follow self-quarantine and social distancing measures. Such new legislation will hopefully assist in preventing the spread of this highly contagious virus.

During such a low time, flowers can significantly improve peoples’ moods and make these days in social isolation, that little bit brighter - especially for unwell people. Perfect Petals in Cannon Hill, who specialize in flower delivery, funeral arrangements and much more has carved its niche as a leading supplier of flowers.

When someone is unwell, sending them flowers is always a lovely way to show your love and support from a distance. As distance seems to be the main theme of 2020, flowers are a special way to send your best wishes from afar. Not to mention, you can almost always bet that sending someone flowers will lift their spirits.

Below are some tips that you may consider when sending flowers to those you care about:

1. Select flowers that offer a long life span:

If you know that your friend may be in quarantine for a longer period, select flowers that have a long life span. When you select sturdy flowers popular for their long life, it will serve various purposes. The flowers will not droop as quickly, and instead remain fresh for a longer period. Flowers such as carnations, orchids, and chrysanthemums offer a longer life span.

2. Timing:

You cannot overlook the importance of timing when sending flowers to a sick friend. As soon as you learn that your friend is not well, it is important to send flowers as soon as possible otherwise, you may end up completely forgetting or delay for too long.

3. Seasonal flowers:

You may choose to select flowers that are currently blooming. You can speak to leading suppliers of Flowers in Murrarie who can offer you the best advice and provide you with beautiful seasonal flowers for your loved ones.

4. Select maintenance-free flowers:

It is of paramount importance to select flowers that require the least maintenance. Your loved ones may not have the required strength or time to take care of specialty blooms which is why choosing flowers that can sustain on just a little bit of water indoors, is of the utmost important. It is also essential to consider hypoallergenic flowers in case your loved ones suffer from allergies – chat to Perfect Petals about this if you have any concerns.


If you have been meaning to do something nice for someone in need, but you haven’t quite figured out how you can achieve this, sending a beautiful bunch of blooms is the perfect option. You can contact Flower specialists in Tingalpa, Perfect Petals, for all your gifting needs.