BRIDAL BOUQUETS...which style and which style suits me?

BRIDAL BOUQUETS...which style and which style suits me?

Melanie Ross on 19th Mar 2019

There are basically five different shaped bouquets-

POSY – circular in shape, it could be more traditional with a mixture of blooms evenly dispersed throughout or for a more modern look you could opt for clusters of different blooms.

TRAIL – slender from top to tip and as the name indicates elongates from the bride’s hand down the front of her gown and is usually evenly balanced in its bloom proportions.

TEARDROP – featuring a posy round top with a trail narrowing to a tip at the base in a teardrop shape.

SHEAF-STYLE – this is where the bride will lay the blooms across her forearm and is usually long and narrow.

NATURAL STEM – also referred to as hand-tied, it features visible stems bound in a ribbon to compliment.

So how do I choose the right bouquet for me???

Well, this is dependent on a few different factors. The style of your gown, the style of your wedding – ie is it a formal affair or a more relaxed occasion, your height and how do you want to differentiate your bouquet to your bridesmaids.

If your gown is heavily embellished on the front, you don’t want the flowers to be fighting for the attention over you and your beautiful dress. Also, if you’re only a petite bride, you certainly don’t want to feel or look like you’ve been swallowed up by a mass of flowers. You can do spectacular in more ways than sheer volume.

A teardrop bouquet is generally considered to be a more formal style so I probably wouldn’t recommend this one for a garden wedding.

Your bridesmaids colours should also be taken into consideration when choosing to put colour into the bridal bouquet. It is nice to tie through the colour theme but if it’s a rather strong colour toning, it may be best to leave them in the maids bouquet because it will be the most striking colour as you walk down the aisle so will detract a little from your grand entrance.

So many things to consider but a good wedding florist will certainly be able to guide you through this to make an informed and beautifully balanced choice.