A Guide To Your Formal Flowers

A Guide To Your Formal Flowers

30th Mar 2019

Planning the perfect formal flowers can be tricky. From colours, to style, to detailing... there's a lot to think about! But we're here to help! Exquisite, fresh flowers make a very distinctive finishing touch for the perfect outfit and bring together all the excitement and individual style for your formal event. Our range of hand-made body flowers feature gorgeous colours, seasonal flower varieties and designs including fashionable wrist corsages, fresh flower crowns and delicate pin-on boutonniere.

Wrist Corsage: 

Wrist corsages are the quintessential formal accessory. If you'd like to opt for something more traditional, a white spray rose wrist corsage is classic and elegant option as well as our most popular request. This is a good option if it is a gift from the formal partner as the colour won't clash with any outfit elements. (We do suggest asking for the partner's input however, as we do not want them to be disappointed if they already had something in mind)  

Though white is a neutral colour that goes well with everything, we can personalize any design to cater to your individual style including colour choice, detailing within the flowers ( for example baby's breath, pearls, ribbon or diamonds nestled within the blooms to match jewelry or other accessories)  

For a more modern approach,you could opt for an elegant, single bloom wrist corsage. Popular designs include the stunning phalaenopsis orchard wrist corsage and the single blooming rose. Peonies are a common request, however they are in season very briefly for only a month of the year and may not be available. Instead, we suggest a gorgeous garden/cabbage rose which has the same full and ruffled quality. 

You also have the option to choose what your corsage is bound to. As well as the standard elasticated band, we  have a range of pearled and diamonte wristlets  available for something quite striking. This allows you to match your pearl or diamond accessories to your corsage wristlet as well. (if you are giving the corsage as a gift, perhaps check with your partner on this aspect) Ribbon is a good option for girls with tiny wrists so that the flowers don't move around and are secured in one spot. 

Boutonniere: Flowers aren't just for the ladies ! A boutonniere is the perfect finishing touch to that suit jacket. Keep it classic with a single red or white rose, match it with your partners corsage or something else a little unique to you! Perhaps a bright orange, pink or yellow rose for a pop of colour?  Why not match a tie or hankerchief with your blooms as well, with our popular requests for burgundy. All of our boutonniere's are bound on a safety pin back which gets rid of fiddly/ dangerous pinning (pinned versions available on request) as well as being far more secure so you can have peace of mind it won't fall off. 

Flower Crown: 

Be bold and choose a stunning hand-crafted and fully wired fresh flower crown. We are seeing more and more opting for flower crowns on their formals for something truly unique and captivating (They look GREAT in photos!) Let us cater to your individual style and construct the accessory to top all others.