7 Dating DO's & DON'Ts from the florist that knows them all

9th Oct 2015

The dating world can be a little scary - we get that! So we are here to let you in on a little secret... 

WOMEN.. LOVE IT when you surprise them with a little bit of effort and make them feel like they have been on your mind all day! It's that easy REALLY! 

The difference between being stuck on the dating merry-go-round and actually snagging that girl of your dreams (for the most part) is making them feel appreciated. NOTE - this also counts for serious brownie points and happy wife moments once you actually settle down too. 

As in most aspects of life, making people feel special is the art to any good relationship - why should dating be any different?

With that said.. you are probably wondering - BUT HOW? Well here is a few Dating Do's & DON'Ts to make your special someone (or future someone) gleam from ear-to-ear with puppy love and to make the very best first impression that you can (well, we can't choose your outfit or the venue for the date...unless you ask us!) but what we can do is guide you as to what flower choice says 'I'm a nice guy, give me a chance to show you more'

1 - As a general rule, flowers on a blind date is a no-no. You don't want to come in too keen - I hear you saying 'but first impressions count?!' We couldn't agree more.. So we recommend the day after the 1st date instead.

Taker her out, be a perfect gentleman, get to know her a little, find out her favorite flower or favorite color (in casual conversation). Then send her THE perfect floral bouquet the day after accompanied by a little handwritten note, 'Thank you for a wonderful evening'.

2 - Send flowers to her work! Her friends and colleagues will shower her with 'oooohhhhs' and 'ahhhhss' and complain that their date/boyfriend/husband never does that and in turn will make her feel special. They'll flock around, asking who this great guy is so you've immediately gotten the seal of approval there. IMPORTANT NOTE - save this for after the 2nd or 3rd date AND most importantly till AFTER she has detailed where she works. You don't get brownie points for stalking her workplace if she hasn't already divulged that info to you.

3 - Now my best advice to you (with over 20 years experience as a florist and a little more as a woman) don't go overboard with this gesture, it's best to start with affection and lead to seduction. You really don't have to spend alot of money, women LOVE that you are thinking of them and made some effort, even if that is just a little note attached to a single bloom.


4 - For the ultimate pre-date warm up - ask to have your bouquet delivered a few hours BEFORE the date. Include a little note, 'looking forward to our date'. 

5 - Keep it simple and tasteful. Don't get me wrong, the dozens of roses and chocolates are perfect for when you two have been seeing each other for a little while (this is the seduction part guys!) Save the grand gestures for the really special occasions AFTER you have had that awkward but exciting conversation about being exclusive to each other.

6 - In general, flowers seem to be thought of by men as something that will 'just die', but to a woman, the flowers represent not an object but a feeling! Feelings last forever guys! And that FEELING we get when we know you went to the effort of saying 'hey - i think your pretty great' - you really can't put a price tag on that. She will be glowing with giddy excitement long after the flowers have moved on. 

7 -  If you really hate the idea of giving a gift that wont be around forever, try sending them along with a unique vase. Every time she uses that vase - she will remember the gorgeous blooms that arrived in it the first time. The added bonus is - next time you send her flowers, you know she already has the perfect vase to enjoy them in!

Let's make this the first of many more dates....

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