5 Top Wedding Flower Choices

5 Top Wedding Flower Choices

25th Jun 2020

Without a shadow of a doubt, apart from your gorgeous self, flowers are the most photographed element on your wedding day. Wedding flowers provide the finishing touch to your gown, an air of sophistication, beautiful fragrance, and either a pop of colour or an understated elegance. But, how do you choose from the many types and variations of flowers? – Just make your flower delivery order at Perfect Petals – the number one online flowers Brisbane based store.

The experienced team of florists at Perfect Petals will be glad to help you make the best choice for your special day, whether you decide to order flowers online or come in store for consultations. No matter what, the team at Perfect Petals will make sure your flower delivery is on time and absolutely perfect.

To help you narrow down your decision, here’s a list of the 5 top wedding flower choices – they simply never go out of style:

  • Roses

Your wedding flower delivery order can never go wrong if you choose the classic rose – the symbol of love, passion, and a traditional wedding flower for generations. However, if paired with other flowers or assembled uniquely, you can make your wedding flower arrangement anything but traditional. Plus, roses vary in colour and size and are great for any wedding season since they are available all year-round.

  • Ranunculus
Our second choice is ranunculus – perfect for weddings most of the year. The rich, multi-petaled blossom may remind you of roses but if you’re looking for something a little less than traditional, these beautiful blooms are a winner.
  • Dahlia

Dahlias are a beautiful option for any wedding, especially because they come in a wide range of colours. Thanks to their large blooms and rich texture they will bring sophistication and charm to your big day. Your wedding bouquet will certainly make a dramatic statement since these delicate blossoms are unique yet mystical. 

  • Tulips

Tulips are the ideal choice for those looking for a classic, elegant wintery bloom to add to their floral arrangements or bridal bouquet. Tulips are stunning, and depending on the type of tulip you choose, yes, there’s many and varied, they can add such an incredibly soft touch to your wedding. They are timeless and extremely special, the perfect option for a perfect wedding.

  • Peonies

If you want to bring sophistication and charm to your big day, peonies are the flowers for you. They’re highly sought after, for many a great reason. Soft, fluffy clouds of scented perfection, they’re alluring, classic and one of our absolute favourites. Your wedding bouquet will certainly make a dramatic statement since these delicate blossoms that come in a variety of colours.

So, to ensure you get the best of the best for your special day, make your flower delivery order at Perfect Petals. You can order flowers online by filling in a form or come visit us at our store. We’ll be glad to make your wishes come true! Contact us today!