4 Reasons Why You Should Gift Flowers to Your Mum on Mother’s Day

4 Reasons Why You Should Gift Flowers to Your Mum on Mother’s Day

5th May 2020

Mother’s Day is an annual tradition that people all over the globe celebrate to show their love and care for their mothers. And, the thing that remains persistent is the quintessential connection between mothers and flowers. Mothers Day came into existence in the year 1908. For years, motherhood remained synonymous with flowers and springtime as the two represent life and fertility. Mothers Day is such a beautiful day to give back to your mother, the love, care and endless support that she has showed you throughout your life. So, let’s continue discussing why exactly there lies such a strong connection between mothers and flowers…

1. Flowers are non-materialistic:

When many of us think of purchasing a gift, we may end choosing something costly and often something that the receiver doesn’t necessarily need. However, such gifts aren’t always the best surprise. It’s hard to know exactly what will make someone happy and it’s even more complicated when you’re spending so much money. Flowers on the other hand, are easy and affordable. They can brighten anyone’s day and make for a meaningful, and thoughtful gift

2. Fragrance:

Flowers can brighten up your day quite simply, just with their amazing fragrance. There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh bunch of blooms, making your home smell divine. All you have to do is just spray some water on them and notice how the entire room becomes fragrant. And of course, don’t worry we also provide mothers day gift delivery so that your mother can receive a beautiful surprise on her day.

3. Show that you care:

Flowers can instantly boost someone’s mood and cheer them up and each and every bouquet symbolizes something significant to your loved ones. At Perfect Petals we have developed the ultimate Mothers Day bouquet, the ‘Forever Blooms’. This bouquet consists of gorgeous dried natives with a pop of pink colouring just to keep them beautifully feminine but not too overdone. Find our ‘Forever Blooms’ online and order them today!

4. Aesthetics

Apart from producing a sweet fragrance, flowers also brighten up the house with their gorgeous colours and eye-catching nature.


Flowers have emerged as one of the top choices for a mothers day gift. They convey your deepest love and care for your mother, without having to spend too much money. Choose a bouquet that reflects your mothers personality and nature. If you need a little help deciding, contact Perfect Petals today to chat with the flower professionals!