3 tips to send the right gift to hospital

9th Oct 2018

3 things you need to know to send flowers to hospitals...

1)Intensive Care Units: Keep in mind that flowers and balloons are not able to be sent into ICU units as they can trigger allergic reactions. Instead, you could wait until they are moved to a ward that allows such uplifting gifts or sending these gifts to the family or recipients home for their return.

2)Where will they put the flowers: Does the hospital provide vases ? Will there be a spot for them to sit? We have a range of options to cater for this dilemma including beautiful keepsake vases or portable convenient water vessels. We can also assemble your flowers in their own water source as a box arrangement so all they;ll have to do is pour a little water in it daily.

3)Colour Scheme: Generally, we try to stick to things that are bright and uplifting. You could also send the patient their favourite flowers or something in a colour pallet that is uniquely them. If you want to take it to that next level, I suggest knowing the meaning of the flowers you’re sending. For this occasion, I would recommend: Gerberas as they represent cheerfulness and joy. Pink carnations to represent a womans’ /mothers love. Daisies for youth and cheer. Proteas for courage. You could send some classic red roses for the one you love or simply something of a yellow colour pallet as it represents friendship, joy and encouragement.