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Spotlight on Pampas Grass


Brides are crazy for it, event planners are crazy for it, and florists are especially crazy for it. Pampas Grass, the huge, whimsy element you've been seeing all over your pintrest and instagram feed. After going viral on instagram in 2017, pampas grass is making a huge comeback from the 70's. So much so that it's almost impossible to search " wedding flower ideas" without coming across a stunning installation of them.

This huge South American grass is fluffy, feathery, and absolutely breathtaking. While it was first used for the boho/woodland look, the use of pampas grass is versatile and is now been seen incorporated into rustic and pastel styled weddings, and anything in between. Generally it is found in its natural, creamy/wheat colour, however, dyed and spray painted options are becoming readily available so that they complement perfectly to whichever style is being worked with.  

Pampas grass can be utilised in so many ways, popularly seen as installations for arbours but the list is endless. Our favourites include: hanging "cloud" installations for reception spaces, circle arbours, vertically arranged (as if they were growing there) on opposing sides for the bride to  walk down, and ceremony circles. When used en masse, they create, stunning, softly flowing settings that are just dreamlike to behold. When used in bouquets or smaller arrangements (such as vases) they add a whimsy element of texture to whatever it adorns. 

Despite being so naturally beautiful, pampas grass is a noxious weed and banned in many parts of the country. This is because its thousands of seeds can travel incredibly far in a very short amount of time, causing havoc for farmers and our coastlines. If you are deciding to use it, be very mindful and check the laws of your state regarding it as a huge $60,000 fine can apply. In QLD it is approved and goes through a strict quarantine, however, make sure to check the source is reliable as environmental damage is a bigger issue than an aesthetic. Similarly, if you are travelling to NSW, popularly Byron Bay, it is illegal and you may be slapped with a hefty fine if you bring pampas grass across the border. 

Here at Perfect Petals, we have a verified supplier available to source all your pampas grass needs from and can't wait to create something beautiful for you! If you are arranging your special day, give us a call, email us or come visit our beautiful little studio to discuss your ideas for the big day! 

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