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3 tips to send the right gift to hospital


3 things you need to know to send flowers to hospitals...

1)Intensive Care Units: Keep in mind that flowers and balloons are not able to be sent into ICU units as they can trigger allergic reactions. Instead, you could wait until they are moved to a ward that allows such uplifting gifts or sending these gifts to the family or recipients home for their return.

2)Where will they put the flowers: Does the hospital provide vases ? Will there be a spot for them to sit? We have a range of options to cater for this dilemma including beautiful keepsake vases or portable convenient water vessels. We can also assemble your flowers in their own water source as a box arrangement so all they;ll have to do is pour a little water in it daily.

3)Colour Scheme: Generally, we try to stick to things that are bright and uplifting. You could also send the patient their favourite flowers or something in a colour pallet that is uniquely them. If you want to take it to that next level, I suggest knowing the meaning of the flowers you’re sending. For this occasion, I would recommend: Gerberas as they represent cheerfulness and joy. Pink carnations to represent a womans’ /mothers love. Daisies for youth and cheer. Proteas for courage. You could send some classic red roses for the one you love or simply something of a yellow colour pallet as it represents friendship, joy and encouragement.

Spotlight on Sunnies

Sunflowers are a well-known symbol of happiness and for a good reason! It’s impossible not to smile over their cheerful little faces, lifting spirits with their warmth and boldness. They are bright and striking, yet not overpoweringly so which makes them the perfect gift for a multitude of occasions. Birthdays, get wells, thank you’s, a floral gesture of sunflowers is [...]

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Sucker for Succulents

The internet is going crazy for succulents and so are we! They are by far the easiest plant to care for, and even those of you with black thumbs will be amazed at how they can florish with such little attention. Why we love them:Succulents are the perfect little addition to any home or pop [...]

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3 spectacular reasons to have a lavender plant at home

The number one reason to have a lavender plant in your home is not because they are beautiful to look at.  They are, but there's better reasons still.1.  Lavender is a known stress and anxiety reliever.  The compounds in its leaves and flowers can be ground between your fingers then rubbed onto the temples. This [...]

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New Baby Bliss

Is there any more magical time for a family than the arrival of a new baby to adore?  Filled with excitement in our studio, we have proud grandparents, super excited aunts and uncles, also the big brother or sister to the new arrival eager to choose just the right gift for the new mums and bubs.Interestingly, [...]

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An anniversary to remember!

Signify your special day with the perfect blooms. It only comes around once a year, so for such an important occasion, you'll want to do something really special!Here are our top tips:How many years? Signify this with the number of stems you choose. For a 15 year anniversary you could opt for 15 red roses [...]

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Roses are red, violets are blue, it's Valentine's Day, so what should I do?

Don't panic! We've been aiming Cupid's arrow for 22 years now and know exactly what you should do!So, you've been dating for just a few weeks and it's going well.  You're not quite ready to proclaim your undying love, are you!  Are you?...please don't, not yet!  But you do want to acknowledge the wonderful person [...]

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Our top 3 tips to truly wow this Valentine's Day

Ignite the spark this Valentine's day! Think a little outside the box to surprise and delight in the most unexpected of ways.  Show just how much you care for, desire, love the special someone in your life!!1. One of the very best parts about receiving flowers at work is they are now the envy of [...]

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Workmate unwell? Our top 3 gifts for get well wishes

No. 1 - No mess, no fuss, no attention needed really for gorgeous cacti or succulent plants with a card that reads: 'This little guy is tolerant and resilient and it made us think of you'. No. 2  - Healthy treats (and some not so healthy) treats to nurture and encourage a speedy recovery, with a [...]

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Colour Therapy - 5 of our faves

It's not just the exquisite beauty of flowers that makes us smile and lifts our mood immediately,  it's the colours of these blooms that also evoke our emotional response.  Here's a list of our top 5 favourites and what they can convey for you.Red!  This one is for all the red blooded males and females [...]

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