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Options For Flower Girls On The Big Day


You're swooning over their adorable dresses and shoes already, but when it comes to flower girls there are a lot of options that can be especially curated for them on your big day.

Petal Baskets: The quintessential flower girl accessory! It's impossible not to 'awwww" over them decorating the isle with handfuls of delicate petals. These will g be rose petals as they are not only gorgeous, but long lasting. You could opt for a classic white or romantic red. Use the same roses as those in your bouquet/table arrangements. Or even match the colours to the theme of your wedding whether it be a mix of yellows, oranges and pinks for something bright and fun, or perhaps whites and pastel pink for something more feminine? The possibilities are endless! We can even provide the baskets, just let us know. 

Flower Crowns and wired hair pieces: Adorn their hair with blooms and make their fairy dreams come true! We specially design pieces for each girl and finish them off with a bow so that they fit snugly on their heads. Each piece is fully wired so that it is secure and will stay together even in the hands of a toddler. 

 The options are endless, however we suggest sticking to smaller blooms such as spray roses and carnations, chrysanthemums, baby's breath and emile as they are less bulky and lighter for small heads. You could stick to a set colour theme such as pink or white, something nice and bright, or match it to the theme of your wedding/bouquet. For the younger girls/infants, crowns of just babys' breath are oh so whimsical and incredibly light. 

Wired hair pieces are also very popular and can be tied straight to a pony tail, pigtails or bun. Opt for a clustered arrangement or a single bloom such as a rose or lisianthus. 

Mini Bouquets: Your bridesmaids all have their own bouquet, so why not include the smallest member of your team! We will construct a mini version of these bouquets just for her by adding the same flower types in a small posy that she will be able to hold comfortably. 

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