Best Flowers to Send for a Birthday

Without a shadow of a doubt, flowers are a great choice to send to celebrate such a meaningful moment as a birthday. All you need to do to show someone you care is contact Perfect Petals – the number one boutique florist in Queensland – order flowers online and ask for a flower delivery. And, to make it even more convenient, we decided to provide you with a list of the best birthday flowers for each special person in your life. Just read on and make the right flower choice!

Best Birthday Flowers

  1. Lilies

Let’s begin with these highly scented flowers that represent positivity and happiness. Lilies are a great birthday flower choice for a friend, or a close family member like a sister, mother, or grandmother. A bouquet of lilies will definitely show them how special they are to you and how you appreciate them for everything they’ve done for you.

  1. Tulips

Second on the list of best flowers to send for a birthday are tulips. This flower is the absolute go-to flower for showing someone your appreciation, admiration, and pure love. If you want to express your love to someone, but don’t want to emphasise passion, you can certainly choose tulips when you order flowers online.

  1. Roses

Roses are definitely a classic flower choice suitable for almost all occasions. However, the person whom you want to send the bouquet will determine the colour of the roses. For example, if you want to gift a friend, then you should go for yellow roses that convey the meaning of friendship. If you want to express passion, then you should choose red roses. Furthermore, if you want your gift to symbolise purity, pick white roses.

  1. Orchids

Here’s the one-of-a-kind flower – orchid. Being so different from other flowers, orchids are probably on the top of flower delivery orders when it comes to showing someone they’re special and irreplaceable for you. The favourite colour of your special one is all you need to know. An orchid bouquet in that exact colour will definitely make their day!

  1. Disbuds

Last but not least, disbuds are also a great flower choice to send for a birthday. Similar to sunflowers and daisies, these colourful flowers symbolise happiness, cheerfulness, and innocence which makes them perfect for showing someone you care. The bright colours will surprise your special one and let them know that you’re thinking of them on their special day.

Now that you know everything you need about birthday flowers, don’t hesitate to contact Perfect Petals. We’ll be glad to help you make someone else’s day special. Whether it is a flower choice from the above mention, or you want to customise your bouquet, we have you covered!

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