A Mother’s Love

Love, in all its forms is an absolutely magical part of life.

There’s the thrill of romantic love…when your heart skips a beat upon seeing them, when your every waking thought is of them, and everything you do is with them in mind.

I want to turn your attention right now to a different kind of love. The love your mother has for you, and has had from the moment she learned of you, and absolutely, when she first laid eyes on you. This love, the most incredible bond that one human being will have with another is a mother’s love for her child.

It is a love that will never falter and knows no bounds. She has been your biggest fan, most constant support, and has lovingly cared for you every day of your life.

This job is sometimes hard, thankless and challenging – it is 24/7, 365. She has constantly questioned whether she’s done enough, done the right thing – not entirely sure what that is, because being a mother does not come with a manual. But when all is said and done – she would choose this job over and over and over again.

Your every waking thought is probably not of her, and your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you see her. Being a mother myself, I can tell you that she does think of you constantly, and loves just to see your face, hug you tightly and let you know she’s there for you always.

And although you can freely show her love and affection 24/7 365, this one day of the year, Mother’s Day, is the perfect day to acknowledge and celebrate this amazing person, this wonderful woman and all that she does for you.

We absolutely love to help you express all kinds of love. At Perfect Petals we are all mothers, so we can appreciate how special it is for a child to cherish that wonderfully special bond. Send Mother’s Day flowers to the first most important woman in your life.

Make her feel so very special this Mothers Day. We deliver Mother’s Day flowers, plants, hampers and sweet treats on Mother’s Day, Sunday 9th May.

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