Reason 1

For those in a new romance, you want to shout it from the rooftop for all to hear and show them in a spectacular way – ‘this amazing person has chosen me and I’m the luckiest person in the world!’You want them to see this beautiful creation, smell the exquisite perfume (a fragrance anchors a memory for a lifetime – smelling a rose will forever be a reminder of you on Valentine’s Day!) and to feel your sentiment behind it, a romantic gesture that has stolen their heart.

Reason 2

Well, they do say you should never stop dating!! Even though you’ve been together for a long while, and life sometimes, or regularly, gets in the way, and even though you know that they know that you love them, the embers still need to be stirred to keep the fires burning.When was the last time you were playful together? Ever put a red rose between your teeth and ring the doorbell of your own home? Ever lit a candle in your lounge room and had a romantic picnic on the rug complete with sparkling wine, chocolates, strawberries and rose petals leading into the bedroom?

Reason 3

Because I have seen WAAAAAY TOO MANY people come into my store on the 15th February telling me that they wish they’d ignored the ‘oh I don’t need you to make a fuss on Valentine’s Day’ uttered from their partner.Sure, there’s some practicality in all of us, BUT there will always be a part of every single one of us that loves to show and be shown affection and passion by their one and only on what is the day for lovers.

And for those that don’t yet officially have their Valentine – go on, make the move!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained 😉


it’s what makes the world go round,
and us go weak at the knees.

For a little something or a grand gesture, we’ve got everything you need to create fireworks on Valentine’s Day.

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