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An anniversary to remember!


Signify your special day with the perfect blooms. It only comes around once a year, so for such an important occasion, you'll want to do something really special!

Here are our top tips:

How many years? Signify this with the number of stems you choose. For a 15 year anniversary you could opt for 15 red roses displayed in an elegant vase arrangement.  Significance in the flowers, a forever keepsake with a beautiful vase.

What was in the bridal bouquet? Let us recreate it for you! This is always a popular option and you’re guaranteed brownie points for the extra thought put into this gift.

Floral symbolism for anniversary milestones:

1st year: the frilly, feminine carnation

2nd year: lilly of the valley - a sweet sentiment

3rd year: the ever bright and sunny sunflower

Make this anniversary one they won’t forget! How about adorning the bed with rose petals and a scented candle burning in the background? Our ECOYA  candles and body products remind them of your romantic gesture long after the flowers are gone.

Roses are red, violets are blue, it's Valentine's Day, so what should I do?

Don't panic! We've been aiming Cupid's arrow for 22 years now and know exactly what you should do!So, you've been dating for just a few weeks and it's going well.  You're not quite ready to proclaim your undying love, are you!  Are you?...please don't, not yet!  But you do want to acknowledge the wonderful person [...]

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Our top 3 tips to truly wow this Valentine's Day

Ignite the spark this Valentine's day! Think a little outside the box to surprise and delight in the most unexpected of ways.  Show just how much you care for, desire, love the special someone in your life!!1. One of the very best parts about receiving flowers at work is they are now the envy of [...]

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Workmate unwell? Our top 3 gifts for get well wishes

No. 1 - No mess, no fuss, no attention needed really for gorgeous cacti or succulent plants with a card that reads: 'This little guy is tolerant and resilient and it made us think of you'. No. 2  - Healthy treats (and some not so healthy) treats to nurture and encourage a speedy recovery, with a [...]

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Colour Therapy - 5 of our faves

It's not just the exquisite beauty of flowers that makes us smile and lifts our mood immediately,  it's the colours of these blooms that also evoke our emotional response.  Here's a list of our top 5 favourites and what they can convey for you.Red!  This one is for all the red blooded males and females [...]

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How to impress her - get creative ;-)

You're chasing a woman you truly believe is worth the pursuit. You're out to impress but funds are low. Do you take her to a great restaurant, or do you go all out, to surprise and delight her with less.Scenario #1 -You've experienced a great meal and enjoyed each others company for a few hours. [...]

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Other than bouquets-what other flowers do I need for my wedding?

Well, have you considered a flower crown instead of a veil?  This gorgeous piece has been making quite a comeback of late.  Whether it's soft and romantic or festive and fun, it's a break from tradition and can compliment your bouquet beautifully. We are loving 'living blooms' right now.. Stunning floral headpieces of dainty succulent [...]

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A note to sons and daughters everywhere...

Love, in all its forms is an absolutely magical part of life.I know the thrill of romantic love...when your heart skips a beat upon seeing them, when your every waking thought is of them, and everything you do is with them in mind.   I've also been witness to it as a florist on Valentine's [...]

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The Happy Employee Ripple Effect

Who would you prefer sitting at your front desk, being the first point of contact for your clients and the first impression for your company?A happy, engaged employee who feels their work is appreciated and acknowledged or someone who feels like just another cog in your machine, staring at the clock, waiting for finish time to arrive?Who will [...]

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Plants and productivity. They're working too, in more ways than one!

Studies have proven we're happier, more productive and less stressed with the presence of plants around us in the workplace.  Apart from the very obvious aesthetic beauty they bring to the work environment, the overall perception of a welcoming and attractive business does wonders for clients and visitors alike. And for the office managers out [...]

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